Will They Remove The Word Race From The Greek Legislation?

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The following is a Golden Dawn New York Translation of an article
“Θα καταργήσουν την λέξη Φυλή από την ελληνική νομοθεσία;”
written by Stavros Karefilakis, a European Parliament candidate for Golden Dawn.

 A few weeks before the elections of 2012 the president of SYRIZA and promising Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was interviewed by Greek television and asked by the journalist: What is your view on Hellenism and race? Alexis Tsipras cynically replied that those are…”outdated concepts”.

A few months later, the French parliament got the ball rolling on the European continent, and on orders of the Zionist parasite, decided to abolish the word RACE from the French legislation. The proposal was brought into the French National Assembly by, who else, the “Left Front”, which is a coalition of Marxist parties and the French Communist party. Naturally behind this proposal were the establishment “Socialists” and the rest of the “progressives”…

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Italian Government Blocks Golden Dawn Website after Forza Nuova Congratulates Us

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Our comrades in Italy from the Italian Nationalist Movement Forza Nuova Issued a statement yesterday congratulating Golden Dawn on it’s successful election campaign. The Government in Italy responded by blocking access of the Greek website.

The system begins to tremble and panic at the growth of Nationalism. The so called “Democrats” have resorted to outright censorship in an attempt to slow down National Resistance.

Here is a translation from Italian by Forza Nuova on the matter:

“Things have completely gone mad: The official website of the Golden Dawn is no longer accessible from Italy. This is the meaning of freedom in a democratic regime, to censor anything that is not pleasing to those in power.”

Fortunately, our Italian comrades have mentioned certain bypass methods have become available. Unfortunately some of these involve blocking out the Meandros.

We here at Golden Dawn New York Division condemn this type of censorship and…

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Population Policy

"Neues Europa"

Head of the National Hygiene Department in the Ministry of the Interior

Arthur Gutt

In most countries, neither the governments nor the peoples have so far paid much attention to the circumstances that account for the alternation of growth and decay in the history of civilised nations. The rulers of ancient Greece and Imperial Rome did not realise the need for a constructive population policy until the signs of decay and degeneration were too patent to be ignored. The position is exactly the same to-day. Statesmen everywhere have occupied themselves far too little with the valuable racial assets inherited from an untold number of past generations. They have been content to interest themselves in the promotion of material and cultural assets without appreciating the fact that there is always a close relationship between these latter and the hereditary racial characteristics of the nation. Moreover, the real value of…

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