The Food Donations Do Not Stop! June 24th in Athens and Thessaloniki

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Despite all the attacks and slander against Golden Dawn, despite the unlawful persecution, Golden Dawn is continuing to stand by the Greek people regardless.

This coming Thursday, donations of food, a portion of which are donated through the supporters of Golden Dawn New York, will be given to our people who suffer under the iron grip of the Samaras-Venizelos Junta.

Special thanks to all who have helped out!

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Unprecedented Sadism: Israeli Citizens Find Entertainment In the Bombing Of Gaza

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Supposedly these are the people that should be hiding from alleged Hamas “rocket attacks”, according to the media.

Images that evoke horror and revulsion are painting a picture of what is really happening in Gaza. This isn’t even about the massive barrages of ruthless Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians, with more than 80 dead (20 of them children, ranging from ages of 1 to 14 years old) and wounding 600.

As bad as this tragedy is the mindset that has become widespread among Israeli citizens themselves, such as those pictured above who actually took pleasure in the death and destruction of mostly  women and children. It’s really shocking to see that there are actually people in this country who will sit on the beach across from the Gaza Strip and watch this wanton killing as if it is a football match or a concert.     

The shocking and vile photograph…

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