Forest Service Veteran – Legalize Marijuana To Protect Our Forests

There are a lot of cartel marijuana grow operations in the forests of Oregon. These are not one to two plant gardens. These are massive gardens with thousands of plants. Those massive gardens take up a lot of space, and involve a lot of pesticides and other pollutants. Cartel marijuana gardens are damaging the forests in Oregon, which is sad for many reasons. The forests of Oregon are one of Oregon’s greatest assets, and they need to be protected and preserved for future generations. If Oregon Measure 91 passes, there won’t be the need for cartels to grow marijuana in Oregon, as people will be able to grow their own or purchase marijuana from a store, rather than purchase cartel marijuana.


The notoriously vile anti-White and pro-Jew propaganda operation known as the Southern Poverty Law Center has reported on the anti-Jew propaganda campaign I’ve launched in New Hampshire. It is amazing how bent out of shape these people get over 150 signs.

Ithaca College: WWII massacre part of Holocaust Lecture

Historian Hilary Earl will talk about the mobile killing units that murdered one million Soviet citizens in the summer of 1941 during a lecture planned at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Textor 101 at Ithaca College.

The annual Holocaust Lecture will focus on the Einsatzgruppen units sent to the Soviet Union to kill using open-air shootings and gas vans. Following the war, 24 leaders of these units were indicted for crimes against humanity and war crimes for their part in the killings.

SS Runes called “Lighting Bolts”.

Another Twitter user wrote in German: ‘Sorry but what’s going on in your head that you see everywhere Nazi symbols? Hitler is not in Mango but in your heads!’

More shoppers noted that if this shirt is considered offensive, the same can be said about the band Kiss’s logo, or that of AC/DC.

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