The dam creakes ominously

I spend a considerable amount of time perusing the comment section of MSM outlets and other prominent blogs. As I’ve noted before, the tone and content of the comments increasingly demonstrate a huge awakening of White consciousness. Awareness of how Whites, especially men, are discriminated against at every turn, annoyance at the depredations of ‘minorities’ and their obfuscation by the MSM, and most significantly, the recognition of Jewish culpability for these problems.

There are now in fact two separate worlds, that of the “journalists” who provide the PC-approved bilge content, and the reality-based one of the readership. Things are said today on mainstream outlets that would have been unthinkable even a few short years ago. To what extent this is due to more tolerant moderation and/or readers’ attitudinal change is open to speculation. But the change – the big change – is there. The Thought Police must be tearing their ponytails out in frustration but their options are limited. In the case of the Daily Telegraph blog the owners have obviously decided to let it die of neglect but of course this results in a sharp loss of readership and is hardly a practical course for most outlets. The BBC is more cunning in that they publish what they call, in classical Orwellian terminology, ‘representative’ comments. Yeah, representative. Got it.


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