The Death and Life of the Mafia in Italy

"Neues Europa"

From Suppression by Mussolini to Revival by ‘Liberation,’ 1926-1946

By James Joseph Martin

Published: 1977-01-01


Conservatives and liberals alike yield to florid raving when writing of Benito Mussolini and Italian Fascism. In their books and articles and reviews of one another’s books, there is usually cheerful agreement on the horrid sinfulness of „Il Duce,“ and unconcealed gloating at his overthrow (Winston Churchill rushed in to his dinner party, upon hearing of Mussolini’s murder, exclaiming with gratification, „Ah, the bloody beast is dead!“), with an occasional murmur of unhappiness later on from those who realize how close Italy came to becoming, by default, a Stalinist client state.

In recent decades there has been much moaning about the incredibly bad condition of Italy’s government since the eclipse of Fascism. At the same time it is conventional to make contemptuous references to any efforts asserting that Mussolini was responsible…

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