Deutscher Bund Canada

Deutscher Bund Canada (Deutscher Bund Kanada also known as the Canadian Society for German Culture, German Association of Canada and German League of Canada Inc.) was founded January 1, 1934 in Waterloo, Ontario. Five Canadian Hitler supporters Ernst Kopf, Otto Geisler, Georg Messer, Paul Lechscheidt, and Karl Gerhard were the Bund’s first members.[1] The group was less political than it’s predecessor the Friends of New Germany and wanted to emphasize social and cultural aspects of the recent German Revolution. The Canadian Bund did not wear uniforms but did wear swastika armbands at their meetings.[2]

Karl Gerhard, the group’s leader from Montreal, was a NSDAP member under the direction of the Hamburg-based Auslandsorganisation der NSDAP (AO), which dealt with Party matters abroad. The second leading figure of the Bund was Bernhard Bott of Winnipeg.


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