Quick review of the book HATEMAIL by Solo Alzenbery (not sure what origin he is from??)

Recently I was lent a copy of this book HATEMAIL (written in big bold red print on top of a black background). My word, it is quite incredible the hubris of these people. The book is presented to unknowing non-Jew-wise public as endless examples of anti-semitism in picture postcard form from around the world.

The forward from this book is quite unbelievable.  Both that they have the chutzpah to describe the quantity of anti-semitism as unwarranted irrational hatred of Jews; but also how most ignorant people will swallow this self-pity.

The author conveniently equates these postcards to the modern day vitriolic hatred increasingly expressed as e-mails, texts and blogs (such as this). He divides the postcards into various categories such as:

  • Main stereotypes and Canards
  • Islamic Anti-semitism
  • Postcards from France, Germany, Great Britain, etc

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