BDM – The League of German Girls

"Neues Europa"

Excerpts from a Booklet Urging Participation in the BDM


The feminine branch of the German Hitler Jugend — Hitler Youth Movement, the League Of German Girls is organised on parallel lines with the Hitler Youth. It is under the supervision of Reich Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach. There are two general age groups: the Jungmädel — Young Girls, from ten to fourteen years of age, and older girls from fifteen to twenty one.

In mass organisation, the smallest groups are the Mädelschaft, two to four of which make up a Mädelschar. Two to four Mädelscharen constitute a Gruppe, and five Gruppen make up a Ring. From five to six Ringe form an Untergau, of which there are 684. Then come the Obergau. Altogether, there are 125,000 BDM Leaders, who are trained in thirty five provincial schools, most of them on a part time…

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