(02/01/2015 Edition)
I have wanted to write a new twice weekly column, similar to ‘Jews in the News’, for Semitic Controversies for the last year or so. The focus of this column will be on identifying and answering the attempts to promote Israeli propaganda as ‘the truth’ in the counter-Jihad movement in the Anglophone world, although I might venture to comment on irrational Israelophile Geert Wilders and his ilk on occasion, which several significant figures of said movement regularly attempt to do.
My point is that while there is much truth in what counter-Jihadis generally write and think: they often get lured into the absurd belief that the Palestinians are just Muslims (they aren’t and there is a sizeable Christian Palestinian population who are also systematically oppressed by the Israelis along the Muslims). Thus into the belief that in order to be consistent to their principles: they must support Israel and promote the Israeli side of the argument at all costs.

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