In the fear of Golden Dawn – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

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arxigos2__article__article__article__articleVAROUFAKIS’ ALARMISM AND THE NATIONALISTS

As you all know the entire parliamentary group of the GOLDEN DAWN from June 2012 has been indicted. Let us remember at this point, the statement of the Minister of Justice from Samaras’ government, Athanasiou, who from the first moment of our arrest had stated that we will have a fair trial. It seems that except from being Minister he was also a prophet. Especially when according to the council of appeals that issued the indictment, we should have been exempted under the law and not to be brought to trial. They said that we will have a fair trial. We hope so, we want this and we seek it, to show the truth and to bring to light all inconsistencies that criminalized political life and led to an unprecedented prosecution of the third largest party in the country. We hope that it will be…

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