Kosher Pegida, another false dawn pushing false petty ‘nationalism’

Smash Cultural Marxism




So the flying of the Israeli flag and the rainbow flag were seen at the first demonstration of Pegida in Newcastle yesterday. I despair at the level of sheer ignorance in relation to the current situation in Britain today. Flying the flag of your enemy, believing them to be your ally, is as dumb as you can get.

Europe will be irreparably destroyed within 25 years because people refused to acknowledge the root cause of the problems we face today.

Day after day, week after week, year after year, things continue to deteriorate and still these fools ask why. They have been given the answer, and they shouted “nazi” like a disgusting UAF rodent would. They refused to listen because of an unwillingness to learn and an unwillingness to take a step back from the blinding petty Churchillian ‘nationalism’ that keeps them from seeing the glaringly obvious truth. They listened…

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