Zionist Fiction! ‘History’

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

DIVERSITY OR DECEPTIONJewish Marxist media maintains an endless stream of black, gay journalists and presenters employed to sit comfortable and smug vomiting out vindictive, divisive anti-European programming to the nation.

Ensuring that the one blood of our 4 tribes of Britain-English, Irish Scottish  and Welsh remains divided and in a wider context making sure the ideology of hate and disinformation is programmed into the unsuspecting mass against its European brethren. This is interspersed with a daily quota of self-flagellation instigated by the self-hating white who condones the Jewish inversion of reality.  All this is engineered to manipulate tribal, racial, sexual and religious tensions a daily dose of debauched Sodom and Gomorrah conditioning from their selective homosexual cabal all to challenge our tolerance levels. Yet only a very few see or are willing to stand against this constructed onslaught of social programming which is destabilizing the moral compass of European cultures, attacking the very foundation of the traditional…

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