Top tips for those new to the Truth



Be discerning

Try hard to distinguish the difference between distractive conspiracy theories and genuine conspiracy facts. Be mindful of the many distraction agents (a-gents non-gentlemen). The shills and half truthers propagating both misinformation and disinformation.


Accept one needs a lot of tenacity

It takes a lot of time to get to the root of this agenda. A lot of observation and reading. Even if one is fortunate enough to have accurate Truth imparted to them, it still takes a few months for the penny to drop…..that we have all been lied to our entire lives. So try to be patient with this information and realise one has to go through a stage of negative resonance for a while.


Realisation we are in a spiritual war

Or more importantly, we are in an energetic war. This agenda is most certainly not matter driven, but energy. Ultimately it is…

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