Jew Markell delays marijuana patients


For Deb McPherson, marijuana is medicine. But purchasing the drug is nothing like buying pain pills or picking up a blood pressure prescription at a local pharmacy.

“It’s extremely difficult,” said McPherson, 47, of New Castle. “You’re asking around everyone you used to know in high school. You’re hitting people up on social media.”

Do we care enough about Irish to keep it alive?

AS A MEMBER of Generation Peig, I have next to no Irish and I’m very embarrassed by that. But then, when I stop and think about it, I find myself feeling somewhat ambivalent towards Irish, wondering whether it is our national language or our national affectation.

Many’s the time, in an undistinguished academic career, I found myself being talked down to as Gaeilge by an angry and sarcastic múinteoir, despite said teacher knowing full well that I might understand better if they actually did the decent thing and spoke in Klingon altogether.