Nice Jews

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

I am often asked  “Peter’ do you ever have anything nice or sadliberty 2positive to say about the nice Jews who don’t like Zionism?” 

 My reply is as always : –

“Just as I have respect for my enemy (the enemy of civilization).

I also have respect for the nice Jews, who allegedly don’t like Zionism, because they’re just so nice! …..and as clever as…….the not so nice Jews, around the world,……who nicely wolf cry their lucrative cry me a Wo££ow Goy slaveryCau$t industry,……to receive lucrative extorted inducements………. which they sustain………. through their nice Shetar legal system which circumvents the law in host nations!” 


Then I explain it’s certainly nice to know there are many nice Jews in Israel…… living a nice way of life…….. from nice extorted reparations from distant,…… not so nice nations.

Yet still after all that not so nice hardship…….. living in their…

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