Men of the Movement Speak

"Neues Europa"

by Gauleiter Adolf Wagner

The source: “Männer der Bewegung sprechen,” Der Schulungsbrief, 3 ( August 1936), 293-294.


Adolf Wagner

Good fortune probably determined that Adolf Hitler began his battle against the destruction of our German people in Munich. Here in Munich he found the concentrated strength that wanted to restore the roots of the German nation. And when the Red Internationale was replaced by the Black Internationale [a reference to religious opponents of National-Socialism] it did not change the battlefront for the young National Socialist movement since the enemy remained the same, even if its color changed.

Through tough and bitter fighting, the National Socialist movement threw these destructive forces to the ground. Finally the National Socialist revolution triumphed in the entire Reich; here in Bavaria the old leaders were tossed out on 9 March [1933]. There are not many Red Internationalists left in Bavaria. The most dangerous…

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