Meet the Billionaire Pedophile Pal of Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, & Dershowitz | Renegade Tribune

From underage prostitutes on orgy island to political royalty and the ‘Lolita Express,’ the Jeffrey Epstein case continues to unfold, ensnaring some of the biggest names in the political and media establishment.

Source: Meet the Billionaire Pedophile Pal of Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, & Dershowitz | Renegade Tribune

Jew inmate’s petition rightfully ejected

North Carolina prisoner Israel Ben-Levi wanted an opportunity to worship with other Jewish inmates, and when he didn’t get it, he hand-wrote a plea to the Supreme Court.

The 68-year-old convicted rapist failed Monday, when the court denied his petition. But in an illuminating twist, Ben-Levi’s painstakingly scrawled petition won over one of the court’s staunchest law-and-order conservatives who’s become a notable supporter of devout inmates.

“The court’s indifference to this discriminatory infringement of religious liberty is disappointing,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote.

Holohoax liar has the gaul to sue and earn an extra buck because the airline would not allow him to change seats

JERUSALEM (JTA) — An 81-year-old Holocaust survivor is suing El Al airlines after she was asked to move her seat because a haredi Orthodox man refused to sit next to her.

The Reform movement’s Israel Religious Action Center said it will sue El Al in a Tel Aviv court this week on behalf of Renee Rabinowitz of Jerusalem, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Rabinowitz, a retired lawyer who made aliyah a decade ago and had been visiting family, agreed to switch her seat in business class on the December flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Israel. A flight attendant offered Rabinowitz a “better seat” closer to first class, according to the Times.

Iran: Conservatives Win Parliament Majority, Reformists Take Tehran Seats

The first results of Iran Parliamentary elections were released on Monday, showing that the Conservatives have won the most seats in the Friday  elections, while the reformists-moderates coalition has garnered a strong support in the capital.

According to Interior Ministry results, the Conservatives have won 50 percent of the seats, the reformists have garnered 44 percent of the votes and independent candidates have earned 6 percent of the 290-seat parliament.

The reformist camp which allied with President, Sheikh Hasan Rouhani, in the elections staged a comeback, especially in the capital where preliminary results Sunday showed them taking all 30 seats at the expense of conservatives.