A nation of liars



Profitable bonanza for the few, terror nightmare for the many


The top 25 American lies of all time

  1. 9/11 done by Muslims.

  1a. Airplanes brought towers down.

  1b. Jews were not involved.

  2. Hitler was evil, started WW2.

       2a. 6 million Jews died in WW2.

  3. Lone assassins killed JFK, RFK, MLK.

  4. Iraq had WMDs, had to be invaded

  5. Vaccines are safe and effective.

       5a. GMOs make healthy food.

  6. Chemtrails don’t exist.

       6a. The weather is not controlled.

  7. Qaddafi was a bad man.

  8. Israel is America’s friend.

       8a. Palestinians are vicious terrorists.

  9. Astronauts went to the moon.

10. Children were killed at Sandy Hook.

11. AIDS came from monkeys.

       11a. Ebola a naturally occurring disease.

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