We Do Not Forget.

Il Nazionalista

Truth and justice for the martyrs and the huge exodus of 350,000 Istria, Fiume and Julian-Dalmatian

Very deep chasms that open up on the Carso, the sinkholes are one of the incurable wounds in the memory and conscience of all Italians worthy of the name.

In those places, between 1943 and 1945, were thrown from 15,000 to 20,000 bodies of our compatriots , tormented and tortured by communist partisans commanded by Marshal Tito, helped, of ethnic cleansing in this work, by the criminal collaboration of the Italian Communist partisans, guilty of having stained with the blood of their brothers.

Tens of thousands of missing people from those lands, deported to concentration camps in Maribor, and Borovnica Aidussina, for the only reason of being Italian.
a genocidal policies conducted without drawing distinctions. A planned extermination to erase all traces of that place-ness that has always characterized them.

A tragedy too long abandoned to…

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