Jew awareness a trend in social media as “anti-Semitism” is cried.

The OHPI prepared a new report for the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism, and its findings included:

  • What the OHPI called “traditional anti-Semitism”— conspiracy theories, racial slurs and accusations such as the blood libel — made up nearly one-half of the sample.
  • Content promoting violence against Jews was most likely to be found on Twitter (63 percent), followed by YouTube (23 percent) and Facebook (14 percent).
  • YouTube was the destination for the most content promoting Holocaust denial (44 percent), followed by Twitter (38 percent) and Facebook (18 percent).
  • The OHPI said the best response rates to this type of content came from Facebook, where content promoting violence against Jews has a 75 percent chance of being removed. Conversely, YouTube videos containing new anti-Semitism—related to the state of Israel—saw a removal rate of just 4 percent.

Readers: Have you come across anti-Semitic content on social networks?


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