Who’s afraid of the Roman Salute, Episode 2

Il Nazionalista

We learn now that the repressive action of the police headquarters Caltanissetta, led by Dr. Bruno Megale, against Forza Nuova in Sicily has taken on a broader profile. They have already received a notice of initiation investigation, or will receive it at this time. A total of four participants in the candlelight vigil forzanovisti Gela for the martyrs of the sinkholes of 13 February, including the deputy secretary of the National Movement, Joseph Provencal, and the executive national Giuseppe Bonanno Conti, are under investigation for “usual manifestations of the dissolved fascist party.”

They remembered the victims of what was a real ethnic cleansing against the Italian nation, by  Slavs communists, supported by our own ones. And ‘the Italian blood is outraged again.

To all the suspects forzanovisti goes the support of the entire movement.

Forza Nuova 

The national SecretariatSicily

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