Thai nightclub cancels Dieudonné appearance

A nightclub in Thailand cancelled a scheduled performance by French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala amid concerns over material in his act that may have been potentially offensive to Jews, the local newspaper Phuket Gazette reported on Tuesday.

A legal representative for the Illuzion nightclub in Phuket, where the show was slated to be held last month, said that the governor of Phuket contacted one of the club’s owners the night before the show and requested that it be cancelled, due to “the unknown content of Dieudonn่e’s speech, which could have disappointed and hurt the Jewish community.”

The legal aide said Illuzion was told that Simon Roded, the Israeli ambassador to Thailand and Cambodia, made a “direct request” to Thailand’s prime minister to cancel the show by M’bala M’bla, who has been convicted a number of times for antisemitism and hate speech. The prime minister then contacted the Phuket governor, who relayed the request to Illuzion’s owners and explained the situation.


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