The Final Nail In The Holocoffin

Judenfrei Safe Space

The Holocaust™, as we know, is a subject that the Jews will wield like a weapon in order to instill White guilt within the White race and make Germany feel guilty for a crime she did not commit.

The Holocaust™ narrative is pushed heavily by schools, which have been reduced to Marxist indoctrination centers, and even young children are forced to watch works of fiction such as Schindler’s List (Swindler’s List), which contains nudity, and is itself based on a work of fiction. It is also shown as “truth” to unsuspecting children, who are young and impressionable and will believe that it is “truth”.

schindler Swindler’s List – Believe this shit or you’re an anti-semite!

The Holohoaxers have been frequently forced to revise their outrageous claims, thanks to the works of brave men like David Irving, Dr. William Pierce, Dr. David Duke, and many others. In fact, Irving was arrested for…

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