Polish nationalists want wall to block migrants

Warsaw – Nationalist politicians in Poland on Thursday demanded the construction of a wall along the Polish-Ukrainian border to block a possible wave of migrants from the Middle East.

Representatives from Poland’s “National Movement,” a group of delegates from the conservative Kukiz15 party, said it was safe to assume that more migrants would attempt to cross the EU’s eastern border into Poland in spring.

Party member Sylvester Chruszcz estimated the cost of constructing of a wall at 225 million zloty ($56m).



3 thoughts on “Polish nationalists want wall to block migrants

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  2. They should institute public building works not unlike the NSDAP, building the wall(Should be cement and steel with pill boxes not chain link). Such would provide great jobs for Poles and as well important training skills would be gained along with a sense of accomplishment. Upon completion the towers and battlements can be manned against invaders, the recruitment process would do wonders in combating demoralization and promote strong masculinity, a sense of community and purpose.

    Not to mention a healthy outlet for young men with nowhere to direct their frustration while effectively deterring rapefugees.

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