Trump to Israeli paper: I’m your biggest friend

The Ugly Truth

Candidate pledges to make efforts toward Israeli-Palestinian peace if elected; says he likes idea of moving embassy to Jerusalem

ed note–now, before we are inundated with all the typical braying from all the usual suspects who seize upon the slightest thing that seems to conform to their theories concerning x, y, and z, remember this is the nature of politics. People seeking office–especially this particular one–say all sorts of things when the mics and cameras are on, but then once they are turned off, reality becomes a different issue altogether, and anyone needing further validation of this fact need look no further than in the person of JFK, who engaged in all sorts of pandering to organized Jewish interests during that process leading up to his election, and then once in the driver’s seat, moved against them, resulting in his assassination.

More than likely, Trump is there not to destroy…

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