An Interview With Casapound Italia activist Sebastien Magnificat

Remember The 14 Words

Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Sebastien Magnificat. I’m 41 and I’m a Casapound Italia activist; I’m responsible for external/international relations.

Can you introduce Casapound?

Casapound is a “social movement” created back in December 2003 when we stormed and occupied a building located in the heart of Rome to house needy Italian families. As of today, the movement is now present throughout the entire country and counts circa 5000 activists. The movement’s main doctrinal axes are national sovereignty, European autonomy and social justice.

Why has the name referring to Ezra Pound been chosen?

To anchor our movement both in Culture; a nation’s fundamental bedrock, and in the fascist experience which is the main source of our action.

There is mural painted in the building’s entrance made of a long list of writers, thinkers, poets and artists names such as Marinetti, Dante, Sorel, Pound, Junger, D’Annunzio…

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