Foibe Massacres – The Italians Holocaust

Remember The 14 Words

The foibe massacres or foibe killings were the ethnic cleansing genocide happened during and after the World War II, done by communists from Yugoslavia with a little help by Italian communists and partisans against the native Italian and population of Istria and Dalmatia, although done by the regime of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The native Italian populations of Istria and Dalmatia suffered both an ethnic cleansing by Yugoslav communists; mostly were lucky and just got expelled from their land on the Expulsion of Italians and Croats from Istria and Dalmatia, but many of them died on the Foibe massacres. The former coastal houses and related land properties of Italians on the eastern Adriatic were then usurped and misused by Slavic settlers, immigrating there from the Balkan inlands during Yugoslavia. In both Dalmatia and Istria, the eliminated Italians were replaced by Slavic colonists, and almost entirely cleansed of Italians.


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