Jew York State bill proposes ban on “anti-Semitic” textbooks

( State lawmakers in New York have proposed a new bill that would ban anti-Semitic textbooks from schools.

Textbooks and materials that misrepresent historical depictions of Jews, Christians, African-Americans, and other racial, ethnic, or religious groups would be prohibited in New York’s statewide Common Core curriculum.

“The bias that exists in some textbooks currently in use today simply does not accurately represent Judeo-Christian history in the United States. By creating this commission, New York State will be in a better position to have input and oversight on what textbooks and instructional materials get used in our elementary schools,” said State Assemblyman Brian Curran, who recently held a press conference to discuss the bill, which he is jointly proposing with Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

The bill would create a commission to review textbooks and prohibit any that are found to have pro-Islamic bias, anti-Semitic, and anti-Judeo/Christian bias, or other forms of bias.


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