New social studies curriculum would cut out slavery, “Holocaust”

ATLANTA — “You can’t delete history”: that’s how a protest video shot by middle school students ends. It seems simple, but it’s the heart of a debate over a proposed change in curriculum that would cut slavery and Holocaust lessons from Georgia 6th grade social studies.

Inman Middle School principal Dr. Betsy Brokman opposed the changes. “A lot of deep learning happens when the timing is right in accordance to students’ academic and emotional maturity levels,” she said in a letter to other principals and teachers, urging them to speak out against the proposed changes. She believes sixth graders are mature enough to discuss the Holocaust and slavery. The new proposed plan would delay those subjects in the curriculum until 7th and 8th grade.

Social studies teacher Jane Moore also wrote to state officials to object to the proposal.


2 thoughts on “New social studies curriculum would cut out slavery, “Holocaust”

  1. Of course both of them are based on lies and the slavery they talk about is solely about the Negro slave trade. They never told the truth about that either dismissing the Jewish role in it. Sad thing is European slavery and mass murders are never talked about as it is real history. All Jews do is manipulate the minds to further their agenda. They still manage to control the media, so there for the so-called white wrongdoings of slavery will be voiced and the “holy” “Holocaust”. So, it really does not matter if they remove these “courses” from the curriculum.

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