The Jewish uprising against the Romans at Masada

The Ugly Truth

ed note–in continuance of the discussion we have been having here at TUT as of late concerning the Roman/Judaic paradigm and how it all fits in with everything we are witnessing now, this 45 minute documentary is a very big piece in better understanding the puzzle we are all watching today.

The Sicarii, those Judaic assassins responsible for bringing the wrath of Rome down upon Judea as a result of their political murders, after being defeated in the 1st Roman-Jewish war that ended with the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD fled to Masada, which they held onto as their last stand against Roman occupation. After 3 years of siege, as the story goes, the Sicarii–rather than surrender to Rome, murdered their wives and children and then took turns killing each other until there was only one sicarius remaining, who it is said, took his own life.

In Israel…

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