Kikes mark 500 years in Venice

On 29 March 1516, the Venetian Republic created the first ghetto on a small island in the north-western sestiere of Cannaregio. The residents were removed and replaced within a week by Jews already in Venice. This was a period in which the city sought to keep a watchful eye on all foreigners: the French, English and Spanish embassies were also relegated to Cannaregio. There had been a metal foundry (ghèto) in the parish, which has traditionally been the source of the name, although the etymology is far from clear. The French writer Alice Becker-Ho in her book Le premier ghetto ou l’exemplarité vénitienne presents a number of valid alternatives: gouda-(h), separation and ghetta, herd.

Jews within Venice therefore found a secure place to live despite the restrictions imposed on them, and were soon joined by others fleeing persecution in central Europe. They built two synagogues in the ghetto: the Schola Grande Tedesca and the Schola Canton. The pragmatic Venetian Republic later exploited the economic advantages of allowing Levantine Jews to settle there – charging the residents for rent, water, the cost of the compulsory nightwatchman and all services.

Hungarian politician gets fined for merely telling the blunt truth about the Hoaxocaust

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — A Hungarian appeals court has confirmed a fine of 750,000 forints ($2,700) given to a politician from the far-right Jobbik party for making jokes about the Holocaust in public.

Tibor Agoston, a municipal councilor in the eastern city of Debrecen, gave a speech during a January 2014 commemoration of Hungarian soldiers killed in World War II in which he used mocking expressions about the Holocaust. He also implied the Holocaust was a lie.

Mussolini on Race

“They know that Benito Mussolini is constructing a colossal empire which will put the Roman Empire in the shade. We shall put up … for his victories. Mussolini is a typical representative of our Alpine race…” -Adolf Hitler, 1931. Though Italian Fascism was less outspokenly racial in orientation than German National Socialism, race was indeed an important aspect of the former doctrine. The following is a collection of quotes by the great Benito Mussolini addressing the topic of race.