Zionist Media: Hezbollah Campaign in Qunietra Aims at Cordoning off ’Israel’

Local Editor

The Zionist media outlets reflected the Israeli concern over the battlefield achievements which have been contrived by the Syrian Army and Hezbollah in Quneitra in the context of their wide campaign against the terrorist groups in the area, stressing that the aim of that progress is cordoning off ‘Israel’ on different front lines.

The Zionist analysts said that Hezbollah is penetrating the “security belt” which the terrorist groups established and that the party’s troops will deploy soon in Quneitra.


Al-Manar Website Starts Live Broadcast via Youtube, Facebook

Local Editor

Al-Manar website offered its visitors a new service that allow them to follow the live streaming of Al-Manar TV channel via Youtube and Facebook.

This service lets the visitors watch the broadcast they missed for 4 hours earlier.


Sayyed Nasrallah: No More “Rules of Engagement” in Conflict with Israel

Sara Taha Moughnieh

Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah announced Friday that after the Quneitra operation Hezbollah was no longer concerned with the so-called “rules of engagement” with the Israeli enemy in any coming battle or assault, and clarified that the resistance will be responding to any violation in the time and place that it chose.

Hezbollah Secretary General put new rules for the confrontation with the Zionist enemy in a statement he delivered during a ceremony in honor of the brave martyrs who were killed in Quneitra Sunday, after he reassured that “the resistance in Lebanon is in its full preparation and readiness”.


’Israeli’ Army: We’re not Ready for next War with Hizbullah

Local Editor

Over eight years have passed since the “Israeli” aggression on Lebanon. However, the Zionist entity still suffers the repercussions of its defeat.

A new “Israeli” report concludes that “the painful lessons learnt during that bloody war have not yet been fully internalized, and the “Israeli” army’s reserve force is still riddled with problems.”