Convicted Child Sex Abuser Allegedly Hosted And Honored By IDF’s Chief Rabbi

The Chief Rabbi of the IDF, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, allegedly had a prominent guest over the Shavuot holiday – convicted child molesterRabbi Mordechai “Motti” Elon.

Elon, the  former rosh yeshiva (dean) of the flagship Zionist Orthodox yeshiva, Yeshivat HaKotel in the Old City of Jerusalem, was treated as a guest of honor by Peretz, who is a state employee, even though Elon was convicted in August 2013 of molesting a minor teen boy, and even though Elon has been completely unrepentant.

Israel asking US for 50% increase in next defense package

WASHINGTON — Israel reportedly wants the US to increase its annual defense assistance package by half, to an average $4.5 billion.

Defense News reported this weekend that Israel and US officials have in recent months begun negotiations on the next 10-year aid package.

University Student Body Demands School Expel ALL JEWS

The student government at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa has made a frightful demand that university administrators expel all Jewish students, according to the Daily News (South Africa).

A representative of the Student Representative Council, Mqondisi Duma, said the demand was made after the body “analyzed international politics.”


Lady Gaga receives ADL’s Making a Difference award

We’re all well aware by now of Lady Gaga‘s advocacy for pluralism, egalitarianism, and equal rights, launching the Born this Way Foundation to support the wellness of young people and to empower them.

The American pop sensation has also voiced her opposition to the negative light in which Israel is often painted in the media, saying no to calls of boycotts by performing in Israel last year and calling it a “beautiful” country.,7340,L-4660865,00.html

Marijuana decrim debate heads to committee

Debate over decriminalization of simple marijuana possession goes before the House Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, more than three months after the legislation was introduced.

A hearing is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. in Room 112 of the Tatnall Building in Dover, adjacent to Legislative Hall on the south side.


The Jew run coffee shop chain Starbucks has scaled back its retarded “Race Together” initiative which was meant to get people talking about racial issues.  In other words, the Jew Howard Schultz wanted to get people talking about how evil White people are.

Clearly this program blew up in their faces as it sparked widespread backlash and protest from their customers.

Full legalization of marijuana in First State appears years away

During his tenure, Gov. Jack Markell has stood in front of hundreds of cheering supporters at Legislative Hall, legally recognizing same-sex marriage with the stroke of his pen.

Markell met with parents of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre as they described the horror that befell their children to state lawmakers who eventually passed a handful of bills tightening state gun regulations at his request.

Jewish Group Lauds Facebook Efforts to Battle Online Anti-Semitism

Facebook’s new statement providing more clarity about its Community Standards is a “significant step in the battle to confront online hate” that places more emphasis on transparency, says Jewish advocacy group the Anti-Defamation League.