A blog designed to create national feelings of a Celtic nation. Free of Zionism and multiculturalism.  Just Celtic diversity. I despise the Rothschild “UK” entity and the all Celtic nations will be freed from British/English tyranny.

The Hebraic race/tribe is the number one threat to Celtic/indo-Europen society in which this blog will tackle. There will be various articles concerning other nations, but solely will be focused on the Gaelic lands.

Occasional posts on body modification, music, videos, etc.

National Celticism is a racial movement; the struggle and survival of the Celtic race.

Natural remedies will also be featured(such as marijuana and or other herbs). Anti-war on drugs.

Tiocfaidh ár lá! \o

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I thought of a similar idea awhile ago. I mean I live in America but I am shocked almost no unity exists between the Celtic nations. It is literally the last bastion of Celtic culture and once its gone its gone for good. Modern Ireland and Scotland don’t care they speak this horrible language. I call English the modern Multicultural language because the world speaks it and its so boring. I love how the British have this arrogant tone that we should put all of the road signs in Ireland in English so immigrants can understand them. Its like go fuck yourself! This is Ireland not fucking England.

  2. Have you guys seen the Irish Nationalist site? Google it if not; it’s pretty cool.
    I wish we had something here in the US for celtic nationalists. Are you from Ireland kelticnordid?

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