How to Break the Power of the Jews | Renegade Tribune

Fake anti-semitism has been used to gain holier-than-thou immunity for Jews. Their power lies in the fact that most people are afraid to even use the word “Jew”. We need to clear that “fear of the smear’ to be able to break Jewish Power.

Source: How to Break the Power of the Jews | Renegade Tribune


Strict kosher laws are costing Israel hundreds of million dollars every year, according to a new report from the country’s finance ministry.

According to a report by the ministry, kosher certification in Israel costs the country’s economy $770 million annually, with the cost of kosher slaughter and having kosher supervisors at supermarkets the most expensive, The Times of Israel reported.

The certifications for kosher food, stricter than in countries outside of Israel, have increased the price of producing food products in the country by 5 percent, the ministry said.